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Congratulations! The images and the words are compelling. Migraineurs will relate to the visual images and the poems. Those who don’t suffer may be better able to empathize after reading the book."
                  Suzanne E. Simons - Executive Director
                  National Headache Foundation

I just received Migraine Expressions the other day and as soon as I cracked it open I got tears in my eyes. As a frequent migraine sufferer, I can actually FEEL the pictures. I can't bring myself to sit and read through the entire book, so I am going to view one entry a day. Thank you so much!"
                  Dana Baker

Migraine Expressions reveals a neurobiological disease from many highly
personal perspectives as contributors transform their experiences into
stunning verbal and visual art. The book will help people with migraine
find their individual voices even as they recognize the universality of
their shared experiences.”
                  Richard B. Lipton, MD - Professor of Neurology
                  and Director, Montefiore Headache Center
                  Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Projects such as Migraine Expressions are rare, priceless, and sorely needed. They offer an intimate view of the impact of Migraine disease. The works of art in this book are deeply personal and revealing. They are heart-wrenching and inspiring, filled with both terror and hope.”
                  Teri Robert, Ph.D. - Writer, educator, and patient advocate
                  Author of Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches

This book is going to help so many people. I felt so alone during the worst of my suffering, and unfortunately that lasted quite a long time. If only I had a book such as this; then I wouldn't have felt so alone.”
                  Melissa Bartosh - Contributing artist and writer

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