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"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle."

–Philo of Alexandria


About the Project and Editor

          The Project
Migraine.  It is a world of its own in the universe of primary headache disorders, a neurological disease that debilitates and limits millions of people of all countries, ages, and walks of life. That world is illuminated in these pages by beautiful and awesome works of art, photography, poetry and essays.

For many years I have wanted to publish a book to combine written and visual art, providing a platform for creative expressions of people who live with migraine while intrinsically promoting a better understanding of it. The courage and strength it takes to live with migraine, while managing to enjoy families, maintain friendships, earn academic degrees, have successful careers, and sometimes just get out of bed in the morning, is phenomenal. That strength and courage as well as a wealth of talent are apparent in the expressions of pain, fear, and aloneness, hope, optimism, and accomplishments of the representative group of worldwide migraineurs with work in this book.

During my nearly 40-year migraine journey, my epiphany occurred after years of suffering when I happened on an illustrated Smithsonian magazine article about migraines. With one glance at the artwork, I not only identified what I had but also realized with extreme relief that I was not alone in my terrible experience. My hope is that this book will play a role in promoting awareness and exposing the need for more migraine research funding and education, and perhaps provide a revelation for others, no matter what their connection to migraine may be.

          The Editor: Betsy Baxter Blondin
Longtime writer and editor, daughter, sister, wife, mother of three, lover of people, art, and words, and most importantly for this project a nearly 40-year migraine survivor, Betsy is grateful and happy to have had the opportunity to bring this book to life.

She has spent the last 10 years editing and or managing book and Web site publication, directing editorial product for more than 75 illustrated books from conception and development through print and marketing. Prior to that, she spent five years as a newspaper copy editor, writer, and photographer, creating and conducting grammar workshops for newsroom staff, writing news and feature stories, and editing.

Betsy has published hundreds of news and feature articles, several magazine articles, and an academic paper on Blondins’ Assignment America (, presented at the Families, Technology, and Education Conference of the ERIC Clearing House System, Chicago. This body of experience, built on a foundation of eight years as a legal assistant, constitutes a uniquely strong background. Betsy currently provides freelance writing and editing services at

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